Blog – 35% of grade

  1. Write 15 well-edited individual blog entries of 2 or more paragraphs.
  2. Respond via comment to 10 different blog entries (spread across all other team blogs).
  3. Submit the following documentation at the end of the project:
  • all personal blog entries/comments (with links to those specific pages);
  • a record of all team contributions. (IE: your team spreadsheet.)
  • a copy of conference paper with tracked contributions.
    See example here on how to track contributions to the paper & set up a team spreadsheet. Please submit this in one document, per person.

Participation – 10% of Grade

  1.  Individual keeps up with course readings.
  2. Individual participates in classroom discussions.
  3. Individual is present at all workshops & critiques.
  4. Individual actively participates in workshops & critique by providing productive feedback to peers.


Paper – 35% of grade

  1. Team submits a final copy of conference paper at the end of the project.
  2. Paper is well-written, adheres to conventions of grammar and spelling, is properly formatted to MLA standards.
  3. Paper is on-topic, well-developed, and thoughtful.
  4. Paper comes to a conclusion about the topic.
  5. Paper includes an accurate works cited list.
  6. Paper is well organized.
  7. Paper includes smooth transitions and incorporation of source material
  8. Please submit one copy for your team.

Creative Presentation -15%

  1. Presentation is 10 minutes long.
  2. Presentation is creative in some way. (EX: Not simply reading the paper.)
  3. All team members participate in presentation.

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