Requirements & Expectations for the Why Read Project Blog

Individual students will:

  • Keep up with course readings.
  • Participate in research as decided by the team.
  • Contribute a minimum of 15 written (2+ paragraphs long) blog entries regarding research.
  • Create blog entries that will demonstrate unique ideas, connections, prompts, questions, etc.
  • Provide thoughtful, well-written material.
  • Comment a minimum of 10 times on other teams’ blogs.
  • Take turns writing the weekly Critical Review of a course reading.
  • Take turns acting as blog editor.
  • Use and reference the Internet appropriately — including the content / value of all entries, links, comments, and behind-the-scenes administration of the web site itself
    (EX: including author’s name & a link to the original source when quoting or using images.)
  • Sign up for relevant web collaboration tool accounts (when necessary)

Editors will:

  • Maintain the team’s blog during the length of three weeks.
  • Support individual requests regarding the publication of blog entries, content, and website maintenance.
    (EX: If blog post is about shoes instead of the project, editor can delete or ask for clarification.
    EX2: If the font on the website is difficult to read, team members can ask the editor to fix it.)
  • Collaborate with instructor regarding website changes, if needed.
  • Encourage team members to maintain regular participation.
  • Keep an accurate team spreadsheet (via google docs or similar) of all team members’ contributions to-date.

Teams will:

  • Successfully create a blog that demonstrates insight & analysis gained from research into course question. Blog must be connected to women’s literature. (EX: if focusing on contemporary feminism, you must talk about writers in the movement, not musicians.)
  • Create a unique ‘name’  for the blog.
  • Share information, questions, and discoveries via the blog.
  • Work collaboratively to split work & research fairly.
  • Use class time and computers in an appropriate manner at all times.

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