Requirements & Expectations for the Creative Presentation

Individual students will:

  • Equally & fairly participate in the creation of presentation. Presentation must be something that everyone can work on or contribute to.
  • Fairly & equally decide who will speak during the presentation.
    (EX: Each team member speaks for 2 minutes.)
  • Actively contribute during presentation critiques.

Editors will:

  • Keep an accurate team spreadsheet (via google docs or similar) of all team members’ contributions & due dates.
  • Provide instructor with a copy of presentation, if necessary.

Teams will:

  • Create a creative presentation of the ideas and conclusion within their conference paper.  Presentation must address how your team handled the question “why study women’s literature?”
  • Presentation must be a minimum of 10 minutes long.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the class after presentation.

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