For this course, Honors Lit 150 will be conducting an investigation into the question, “Why study women’s literature?” This investigation is a creative research project culminating in a co-authored conference paper & creative presentation.

The goal for this class is for you to discover the importance of art & diversity in your education, and in your lives. While this may seem like a simple platitude, the actual importance the system imparts on these things is very small. We see this in everyday ways, such as under-funding of the arts, and our continual cultural struggle with racism, sexism, and poverty. Our question for this class suddenly becomes very important: If we are told by authority figures that art & diversity matters, yet are informed by our experience in a system where these things emphatically do not, what are we supposed to think?  While I could most certainly rattle off a few very important reasons as to why investigate this question our first day of class, I feel like these reasons, my reasons, would mean very little to you at the end of the day. You could read the material, bullshit an essay and easily fake your way to an A.  Ultimately, this is a disservice to you and to the question we are asking. By tackling this question in the form of a creative research project, I am putting the power into your hands. You, as a team, get to decide what the answer to this question is, or even if the question matters at all.

See Requirements for more information about this project.


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